February 14th, 2006

Skydiving promotions.

My concentration is still poor and I was sleepy yesterday. So I decidd to skip gym today, too, and rather sleep long. I had promised to do a stand for the skydiving club from 1030 today, so I went to university by then. Luckily we found some already packed rigs and didn't have to stress with trash-packing them. We discovered the DVD player was broken, but luckily we could borrow one from university. Skydiving stands are not the same without skydiving movies :-)

The stand was ok. Quite a few people were interested, although none of them signed up or wanted to be contacted. But I guess that's normal - I'd probably not give them my name myself to be contacted. If I wanted to attend a course, I'd do it, if I had questions, I'd ask, and if I was in doubt, the education person in the club wouldn't be able to convince me.

Afterwards I stayed in psal for a while, chatting with Erik and Kristian, and then deciding it was time to clean the floors there - they were yucky and sticky. I vacuumed all the room, and mopped the area around the sofa three times - twice with zalo, once with clean water. It looked decent after that, and far less sticky. I am responsible for the stands and promotion of the club, so I spent some time organizing stuff with regard to that. The printer in a computer lab was "abused" to print about 400 copies of our folder (and that's only enough for this week).

Anders had planned to go to an astronomy meeting tonight, but it wasn't until tomorrow. In stead he made me a nice dinner accompagnied by a great wine. Yum! I got a combined 32 months anniversary and Valentine's gift yesterday: a very nice silver broche, and today I got a silver cleaning solution. Very romantic ;) He got some small gifts I had planned for his "waiting calendar" while I was in UK this weekend, plus 3 roses.

Now a message for some of my readers:
I heard some of you have been googling and whatnot to find out what happened to my friend who died last weekend. I would have appreciated it a LOT more if you'd rather asked me. Not because I mind you googling - I do that all the time myself - but because I would have sensed that you cared at least a slightly little bit then.

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