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June 18th, 2006

Not a very exciting weekend....

My plans for the weekend were to relax and do some skydiving if weather permitted. Unfortunately weather was bad from the morning both Saturday and Sunday, so jumping was cancelled - and weather immediately became great...

Yesterday I did very little, except catching up on blogs, some laundry and cleaning, and reading newspapers. In the evening we went to Mikrobryggeriet to meet a colleague of Anders and his family, and my bike was stolen. I looked for it all the way home, and Anders rode around for three hours looking for it, too.

Today I spent a couple of hours actively idling, waiting for a go or a cancel for jumping. When it's only the five of us, and we are depending on the tandems to get a pilot, we don't meet in psal until it's certaion that we will be jumping. In the end K. cancelled around 13, and the tandems went up an hour later... In the afternoon we had about 3 hours of great weather, and a couple of hours with clouds. They did 3 tandems, which is very good in these weather conditions. I can see the plane from our window a few minutes before it's on jumprun, and during the last load they seemed to be circling up there forever. The tandem master said they had been circling for a while, but I may have mixed the plane with another plane, it wasn't possible to see its letters.

So in stead of jumping I went to school to pick up my books, i.e. move them to my office at work. It was only 3 bags plus a bag of cups, pens and the coffee pot, and I could carry them in one load so it wasn't as bad as I had imagined. On my way home I finally picked up Stine's plant from PVV (shame on me, it's 1.5 weeks since she left it there. Thanks to Danner or whoever saved its life with some water the other day.). I drove past the fortress, and by instinct I looked for an earth signal for the plane. Woho, it was there! So I drove to the first crossing to turn. I was annoyed by the car just behind me, it had been following me almost from university - was there anything wrong with my car?? The car continued to follow me when I turned, so I decided to let it pass. It did - and turned back to the fortress. Hm, something well-known with the face too... So this time it was my turn to follow, and at the fortress I recognized the guy as a fellow jumper, of course. He had also wanted to jump today, so we agreed that this was our skydiving moment of the weekend :-)

The police station was open when I visited it this afternoon, so I could hand over my pre-filled report form and a copy of the receipts for my bike. It took me about two minutes, one of them because the police guy was chatting to another guy and I probably didn't look desperate enough to warrant an emergency reaction. They will send me a confirmation letter in a week or two - hopefully it will arrive before the letter saying they will close the case with no further investigation... (Trust in police? Yes, but not in bike theft cases...)

Back home I made dinner and upgraded my laptop to Ubuntu Dapper. This wasn't very exciting either (it just seems to work, although it's too warm and humid here to test very much), so I guess one can say that my weekend wasn't the most exciting ever.


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