January 7th, 2007

Weekend Roundup

It has been a nice weekend. After our work on Friday I was a bit worried (as always!) to whether I'd wake up to a pile of cron mails indicating we had fucked up, but, luckily, not much. Hopefully the guys remembered to remove the old server from the surveillance system and add the new one, too, if not someone got a bunch of alarms this weekend.

I slept in both today and yesterday. Sleeping until 10:30 and then reading for a while before heading for the shower is wonderful! Anders has struggled with a ear inflammation for the past week, so he didn't sleep too much during night and napped most of yesterday. He was much better today, though, the ear drops seem to help. Luckily he managed to convince his doctor that he should get a three-time prescription so he doesn't have to sit in the phone queue next time - yay for proactive ear maintenance! I spent yesterday doing laundry, shopping groceries and catching up on blogs and news.

Pretty frugal (at least as in "didn't buy any food beyond 4 potatoes and a bread") living all the weekend - yesterday we had rice, brussel sprouts from the freezer and local carrots, and meat from my brother's pig, and today we had roast potatoes with cheese and left-over beef meat. Yum! Two of my new years resolutions (may post them soon, I just have to order them and write some more about them first) is to eat less meat (ok, didn't quite live up to that this weekend) and to eat more local food, so my brother's meat fits very well into that. The pigs lived 40 km from here, and were handfed by my mum, my brother and his friends. They got apples from a friend's garden all autumn. Don't remember their names, though, something along Gisse and Gasse.

Today I have finished reading Kennedys hjerne by Henning Mankell, a pretty good crime novel. The details touched me, the problem is that I have no idea what's fiction and what's facts. Of course the author doesn't want to reveal much - all he wanted to confirm was that the name of one of the persons was 100% fictional and if there was a person called that in the Swedish forein affairs, it wasn't him. The rest - the details about Kennedy's brain, about HIV/AIDS research and grotesque human testing of new drugs and lots of other stuff - I have no idea to what extent he has made up or not. I fear he may be right, but I doubt it can be proved. Or I hope it can't be proved - it's too devastating to know that it's proved to be true and yet it still continues.

Now I am reading a book written by a Norwegian missionary in Cameroon. I think the book is written before World War II, as the war or the Germans is hardly mentioned. It's certainly pretty old and shows a quite different view on the people in this country compared to today's official view. It's a used book I got for my birthday.

We went for a walk in the afternoon, and it was wonderful to get some fresh air and to move a bit. My back stiffens up when I sit for a long time, I guess I have to exercise even more regularly. In a way I hope the bad back period continues, as it's a booster to get me to the gym. Now it's not because I ought to, its because I have to, and I definitely feel the difference between going and not. The pains are not crippling now, it hurts when I get up after sitting for a while, but it gets considerably better once I have walked a bit, and if I go to the gym or do some sit-ups I feel good for the rest of the day or a few hours, respectively.

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