February 5th, 2007

The flat is actually getting ready.

Last day of styling before prospect photos. At least we are getting there!

We had a meeting with our bank after lunch, and sealed the deal that will cover us in debt until Anders is about to retire. I asked all the tricky questions, and in the end the rather eager bank consultant gave up trying to sell us an insurance (for some reason he never asked if we wanted life insurance, only insurance for the house itself). The insurance application was hosted on "stormaskin.lan" ("mainframe.lan"), and was exactly as userfriendly and intuitive as I would expect a mainframe application to be ;-) It didn't seem hard to use, it just hit a dead road sometimes - there was a "recalculate" button, but it didn't do anything. Fields that looked like they could be filled with info went blank unless you auto-filled them (ok, that's the user interface). I politely told him that we'd probably want an offer which included the 3-4 other insurances we will need, so we could call customer service in stead. He seemed relieved.

Tonight Anders has cleaned the bathroom - a very throughout cleaning. He even remembered the U-bend below the toilet bowl (no, I don't usually clean it). Maybe he got a bit obsessed with it - if he had told me he he was in the middle of cleaning the tiles in the shower that he was invited to a beer tasting at Naboen's, I might have asked him to reprioritize his tasks a bit. Most ofke the curtains are up, though, but he didn't take down his empty bottles from the top of the kitchen cupboards (don't ask), and since they are full of greasy dust it's a bit dumb to take them down after I have vacuumed and mopped the floors... Oh well. Besides vacuuming and mopping I carried all the boxes to the attic or into the car. Our attic storage is overfull now, I hope Someone(tm) will prune a bit there soon.

Tomorrow Anders will take down bottles, and we will do the last styling of the bathroom and the bedroom as well as move away more furniture. I suppose we should get some fresh flowers for the bedroom, too. The flat looks nice, but I already miss my books and look forward to moving... Gustav said some people regretted selling their flat when they saw the prospect pictures of it -- I won't be among them, no matter how nice and stylish it turns out in the end!


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