November 12th, 2007

Sunday update.

It's been snowy here for a few days now, actually "wintery" on and off for the past month or so. But since we don't use the car to go to work now we haven't really felt an urge to change to winter tyres - we have simply avoided using the car when it was snow and ice. But after 10-15 cm snow this weekend combined with no proper snow shovel it was time to get the tyres changed and get put to buy a shovel.

As usual the change didn't take an hour, including carrying the tyres to and from the shed. Anders changed them while I cleaned a bit in the shed and put away the grill. We planned to put the outdoor furniture into the shed, too, but the shed was pretty full of flat, empty cardboard boxes so we have to get rid of them first. I thing we can fill the car and drive to the recycling station next week to get rid of most if not all of them. (The original plan included renting a trailer and also take some old materials from the cellar, but I think we wait until the snow has gone now.)

After getting winter tyres on I went to the garden center to find a snow shovel. They only had plastic shovels of different quality there, and I wanted a metal one, so I just bought the second cheapest one. If it works, it's, if it doesn't we'll either try another plastic one or find a metal shovel. I also got some Amaryllis bulbs that should flower before Christmas, and some other plants.

The I went to Lundamo to visit my mother, and had coffee and homemade lefse there. Yum! Afterwards I continued to my dad's to have more coffee and cake, as well as seeing my brother, sis in law and nephew. They bathed him while we were there, he really enjoys the TummyTub I gave him for his christening.


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