April 20th, 2008

Flowers, seeds, bike and glasses.

I was completely exhausted yesterday and almost fell asleep over dinner - quite horrible. So I decided I'd better sleep in today in stead of stressing to get up and to Oppdal. I first woke up at 8:30, but decided to sleep more, and suddenly it was 11. But it was nice - for once I didn't feel sleepy or tired at all when I walked into the shower.

I didn't get through my list of things to do today - most noticeably is that I still lack blog entries from the last week in Japan, at least from Hiroshima and a round-up entry for the rest of the stay, I guess. Still no Hiroshima, but it will come, I promise. Also more pictures are due soon, although that may take even longer and maybe not come at all.

But my bike is now out of the shed, and had a layer of grease applied to the chain. It probably also need some more air, except that it's fit for the season. A good question is whether I am, though.

I have also sowed some flowers, and hope for some colours later this summer. In addition I sowed different kinds of basil in the Eva Solo flower-pot we got for Christmas. Apparently they should now survive any dry period we may let them through. I also plan to sow broccoli, brussel sprouts and cabbage, but I was out of soil today so it'll have to wait. Anders have worked in the garden as well as put up a new glass cabinet in the living room for our beer glasses. All in all a productive day.


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